Monday, 16 April 2012


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Saturday, 21 January 2012

end results:::}}}

Remember this project? This was the result of a truly rewarding creative collaboration with Cara Bendon Photography and Fina Creative Hair. I was allowed to run away with myself with creative design and luckily Fina and Cara were very much on the same 70's glam night time look as I had come up with. The picture below is a before ( with base) on the stunning Lucia.

Truly beautiful, the next pic below will be going in my front room/ hallway when me and mr makeuplady move!xxx

The next are more natural images, a day time look if you like

All Hair by Fina Creative Hair, all Photography by Cara Bendon Photography and all Make Up by themakeuplady.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

multi camouflage

A totally wondrous product and FANTASTIC value for money. The Derma Color Camouflage Mini Palette is mainly designed for the 'camouflaging' of scars, heavy blemishes, acne, tattoos, eyebrows. Whatever you want covering, it'll cover it. You would use this over primer and under foundation. 

D32 is a richly brick red pigment concealer that would be used directly onto either eyebrows or tattoos after 'the pritt stick technique', this neutralises the colour in eyebrows and makes it easier and less heavy to layer ontop with skin tone colour concealer, if needed ( covering tattoos or scars) you then need to use the setting powder.

The rest of the colours come in red and yellow tones and range from the palest of caucasian to the darkest black of skins. This is one of the best bits, there is no colour tone discrimination. There are three palettes to choose from that are 'fair', 'medium' and 'dark'. These cater perfectly for seasonal skin tone changes.

'What if I don't want a mini palette?'
Well Charles Fox Ltd London offer a service that colour matches clients dependant on their need and body location for a dermacolor pot. 

They match you as best they can to one colour of concealer. 9/10 customers do come back when their skin tones have changed, summer tans etc. If you are seriously into your make up I would very much recommend a palette.

Another fab thing with these is that a little goes a VERY long way, DON'T put your brush straight into your pot, use cut out technique and mix colours on the back of your hand, warming the product and fab for blending and adding more colour as you go. This is also useful for hygiene purposes.

I have shade Palette NR2. Palette's start from £16.00 and can be bought from Charles Fox Ltd. All photographs courtesy of DermaColor.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

:::Miss me?

Well my normal things have resumed, at least 'normal' before The Rose kicked in and took over my life! It has been FABULOUS. I have not only met a great group of people to work with in the future but it has been a total pleasure and privilege to work with such talented cast and crew and for the Rose itself.

Back to me and my fabulous work... You like?

Jeremy Smith- Clowne/ Pompey

We tried something a little cleaner and more elaborate a few evenings!

And added some facial hair too!

Otis Waby- Claudio ( Arrest/ Assault scene)

Otis Waby- Claudio ( Jail Scene) added dirt, dark circles by eyes

Bourneville and Baby Oil- Jail hands and torso

The daintiest Queen of Vintage I have ever met Fiona Navalis- Mariana

One of the many hairstyles I created for Fiona 

We opted for 'shabby chic' victory rolls one evening

The ever amusing Lisa Depuis- Nun Francisca ( Whilst at Nunnery)

Escaped from Nunnery

Elizabeth Bloom- Mistress Overdone (Consistently Baby Oiled and STD Ridden!)

And a tad neater and drier on the last performance!

Lawrence Russell- Barnardine guise

Well, from a cast of 10 I got backstage photos of 6 with a few changes, I don't think that's too bad at all. Being with the theatre taught me so much, I taught myself how to attach facial hair pieces in a matter of minutes, both a round goatee ( no picture shown) and the funky eccentric version but also ( among other things) how to do a face and touch ups on 10 people in two hours! In designing all the make up and changes for each character I found myself challenged yet blessedly given the freedom and opportunity to take my ideas and run with them- convincing Jeremy that the rouge cheeks would be good for character took some exchanged looks! Whilst it wasn't the warmest of experiences ( temperature not a metaphor for unfriendly atmosphere) I felt truly at home with the Rose. I look forward to many more productions to come in the New Year!

7 Crew Members, 6 Cast member photos, 5 packets of Baby Wipes, 4 Lipsticks, 3 Tubs of Cocoa, 2 Bottles of Johnson's Baby Oil ( Boxes of Kleenex and ), 1 Production of Measure for Measure!   

Title Photograph Courtesy of Robert Piwko, all other images by themakeuplady, with thanks to the cast and crew of The Rose and Measure for Measure x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

... and four kids later they were happily ever after

Emma and Phil have been together a long time, four kids long... I was around 13 when their first born was announced, to be asked to be the Beauty Artist for their Wedding Party meant a lot. Really. Then to make me even more nervous I was asked to be the Photographer for the day too! Team equipped, I had my work cut out... How do you think we did?

It was truly a pleasure to capture and beautify them for their special day. They had after all waited long enough! An especially touching gesture was discovering they had picked their eldest Son to be 'Best Man'. A thoroughly fabulous day!

Special Thanks to Emma and Phil Weber and Family, Mr MakeupLady, and Molly Tierney Phillips x

Thursday, 13 October 2011


A fabulous shoot thanks to Cara Bendon PhotographyFina Creative Hair and copious amounts of Illamasqua Liquid Metals. nomnom

The first look was in fact the second of the day, both were created with:

  • Illamasqua Liquid Metals in Superior
  • MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Gold
  • Clarins Eyeshadow in Gold Leaf
  • Clinique Lipliner in 36 Soft Rose
  • Sleek Lipstick in Stiletto
  • Clarins Bronzer in Mosaique and Blush Prodige 06
  • Dermacolour Camouflage Mini Palette 16 Nr1 Shade D5
Photographs courtesy of Cara Bendon Photography. Hair By Fina Creative Hair. All Make Up By Kylie McMichael, themakeuplady

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


THE ROSE THEATRE is London's oldest, with a historical site surviving over 500 years of natural preservation.

A beautiful space in need of some SERIOUS TLC, generous donation in spirit, hardwork, dedication and monetary funds I was delighted when they offered me a permanent position within the company/ charity as In House Make Up Artist. I will be taking up my position starting as Make Up Artist from 31st October for their event Dead City: Halloween at The Rose and continuing with their production of Measure for Measure. THRILLED doesn't begin to cover it!